Merino wool is a naturally innovative performance fibre, often considered as the best fabric to be worn next-to-skin by athletes and adventurers due to its properties. Just like any other material in the world, there are lower and higher quality alternatives of each material - and then there is the best alternative.

Merino is graded by its micron count. We use only the finest mulesing-free 17,5 micron ultrafine merino wool fibres in our products – considered the best in the world with an excellent touch against the skin and superb performance properties.


Our manufacturing process spins ultrafine 17.50 micron merino wool fibre into a 1/060NM yarn with high density spinning technology. The technology allows more fibres in the construction of the yarn which provides better performance properties to the fabric, while also making the fine yarn denser and stronger giving the material protection from pilling and abrasion. Precise selection of only the finest merino wool combined with latest textile engineering ensure optimal ratio of product strength and comfort.


FORMAL FRIDAY® ultrafine merino wool t-shirt range has been tested in accordance with the ISO standards. The abrasion resistance test (UNI EN ISO 12947-2) with 9kPa force resulted in compromised fabric only after 20,000 rounds of abrasion. The pilling box test (UNI EN ISO 12945-1) had a test score of 4/5 after 14,400 revolutions, which means that the garment has extremely low tendency for pills for a wool garment.


In regards to chemical composition, merino wool belongs to a group of proteins known as keratins. It has a heterogenous composition where the protein is made up of amino acids and acidic carboxyl groups. Merino’s chemical complexity is responsible for its flexibility, elasticity, resilience, and good wrinkle recovery properties. Unlike cotton and the most of the oil based synthetic fibres, wool does not have a homogeneous structure. Merino wool fibres have highly complex physical and chemical compositions that have evolved over millions of years to protect sheep from extremes of heat and cold. Similarly, ultrafine merino wool t-shirt protects it wearer from the elements.

In addition to its chemical complexity, wool also has a complex physical structure. The surface is made up of overlapping cuticles, which is very different from the smooth surface of synthetic fibres. These scales protect from dirt and are what enable felting to occur.

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